The Rookie Runner Program

How to start running and actually enjoy it (with fewer walk breaks and injuries!) with the help of A Foodie Stays Fit. 


Go from "I'm not a real runner" to a REAL runner!

If you run, you're a runner! Gain the confidence to train smart, keep improving and enjoy the miles.

Get the Right Gear

Too many options is overwhelming. 

I'll show you exactly what you need (and don't need!).

Get the Right Plan

Pssst: It's okay to take walk breaks. But if you want to walk less, you're in the right place.

5K, 10K, or half marathon -
you got this.

Stay Motivated

Stay consistent and stop the start-quit-start routine you've done for years.

Learn how to stay motivated.

Ready to Run?

In two months, you'll go from a sporadic, wannabe runner to a strong, consistent runner.

Month 1: Start Running

Choose the right shoes, learn how to start running (the smart way) and how to run longer without taking walk breaks.

Month 2: Keep Improving

Get practical tools to improve your running, like what to eat, how to run faster and how to recover, so you enjoy it more and stick with it.

Month 3 and Beyond: Stick with it

Whether you want to run a race or develop a lifelong habit (or both!), you'll have the tools and support to reach your goals. Teri is here to help you at every mile and race along the way.


It's nice to meet you! 👋

I'm Teri, the runner behind The Rookie Runner Program as well as A Foodie Stays Fit. I've been running for 20+ years and through all stages of life, including pregnancy and postpartum. I know it can be intimidating to get started and hard to stick with it when running and life when it gets tough. 

I've run over 50 races from 5Ks to 200 miles/24 hour relay races. My favorite race is the Boston Marathon and my favorite training distance is 7 miles! 

In this course, I'll teach you how to get started, stick with it, avoid injuries and have confidence to improve. I want you to LOVE running as much as I do.


"The Rookie Runner Program is great! I used to be a runner but it’s been years and the course has helped me make a plan to get started again from just walking all the way up to running a half marathon again. It’s complete with learning what gear/shoes I’ll need to warmups/stretching to nutrition. The courses are easy to watch and not too long that I could watch them at my leisure without feeling like it was taking too much of my day. Get Your Run On has gotten me motivated and excited to run again!"

– Alissa, Colorado

Get Started. Keep Going. Love the Miles.

In two months, you'll go from a sporadic, wannabe runner to a strong, consistent runner. Are you ready?

"The Rookie Runner Program is an essential course for all runners whether you are a beginner or have been running for a while. Teri is very knowledgeable and covers everything from training plans to gear and shoes to fueling for your run. I feel so much more confident after completing her course, and I am making substantial progress in my training. The course is amazing and offered at an incredible value. Thank you, Teri!"

– Leah from Minnesota

Not sure if The Rookie Runner Program is for you?

I'll share a little more about what to expect! Drop your email and I'll connect with you!

"I had some unexpected free time this morning, so I just finished the shoe section in your running course! Soooo helpful! I’ve read so many different articles about finding the best running shoes, but it makes so much more sense after seeing the visuals throughout the video! Excited to add some more shoes to my rotation!"

- Erika

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