Fall in Love with Running

Stop the cycle of injuries and hot/cold motivation and instead start running further, faster and happier.

You need more than a training plan.

Running is NOT as simple as getting shoes and heading out the door. 


But you need to know some key things to actually improve and enjoy it long term. 

  • The right shoes, the right training plan and the right warm-up and stretches all matter! 
  • What you eat before, during and after a run and throughout the week impacts every single run -- not just the one you're about to do. 
  • You need to know how to troubleshoot problems - pain, lack of motivation, weather, gear issues, traffic, schedule, you name it -- if you want to be a lifelong runner who improves.

The training plan and the fitness app you've been using can actually cause problems with your running.


Becoming a successful runner requires so much more than a training plan.

You need a GAME plan.

You need to know what to do when you get injured, when you lose motivation, when your runs feel like trash, and when life gets in the way. This program will help support you with any training plan or app you like to use or if you just want to be a runner who enjoys it! (And yes, there are training plans in the program too that I wrote).

Our little RRP community is so supportive and I love being able to connect with people in a smaller setting. A running group (even virtual!) is always a good thing!

 If you've ever thought, "I'm not a REAL runner", let's change that! You'll get the tools and confidence you want and need to enjoy running for life.

Become a better runner

Learn how to run further and faster, taking fewer walk breaks and getting injured less. 

Train smarter

A training plan is important. What's more important is knowing when and how to tweak it leading up to your race. One size does NOT fit all.

Get healthier

Running improves your physical AND mental health. Learn how to stay motivated to run, no matter how stressed, busy and exhausted you are. 

Get the runner’s high

Get that feel-good sense of achievement and finally feel like you’re the one who has your life together. 


What to wear

The right gear is key to creating a routine that sticks.

The wrong clothes and shoes can sabotage your success and increase your risk of injury.

What to eat

Choosing the right foods to eat before, during and after your run can make the difference between feeling like a running champion or like you’ve been run over.

How to stay motivated

Knowing the secrets to getting and staying motivated will get you out the door consistently even when you have a crazy schedule, it’s too hot or too cold, or you just don’t feel like it.

Stop getting injured

So many injuries can be avoided by learning how to troubleshoot and correct your training and recovery.

The Rookie Runner Program, brought to you by TeriLyn Hutcheon Adams, is a no-fluff, video training package that arms you with the knowledge, support and accountability you need to finally stick to a running routine.

The Rookie Runner Program is an essential course for all runners whether you are a beginner or have been running for a while. Teri is very knowledgeable and covers everything from training plans to gear and shoes to fueling for your run. I feel so much more confident after completing her course, and I am making substantial progress in my training. The course is amazing and offered at an incredible value. Thank you, Teri!

- Leah




When I started running, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. I couldn’t get faster, no matter how hard I tried. I dealt with a string of injuries YEARS and was in pain for so many runs. I dropped out of races - sometimes even before race day.

Rather than give up, I spent years learning everything I could to become a successful runner. I read HUNDREDS of articles, books, blog posts and took in-person and online classes about running, nutrition, injury prevention and training methods. 

I know what causes problems because I've walked through so many - and I'll teach you the most important things to avoid them.



Even if you have a training plan or your race or an app love (like the Peloton), once you complete this video program, you’ll be a  MUCH better runner and do even better in your training. While there are great plans, classes and audio runs out there, they don't teach you HOW to be a consistent runner who is able to run injury free.

The Rookie Runner Program will help you show up and level up on race day or on the leaderboard -- with less pain, more confidence and more speed.

It's nice to meet you! πŸ‘‹

I'm TeriLyn,
the runner behind The Rookie Runner Program as well as A Foodie Stays Fit.

Running has changed my life. I love it. I don’t feel myself without it and it’s made me healthier from the inside, out. 

I’ve been a consistent runner for 20+ years. I know how to run further, run faster, what to eat, how to avoid injuries and how to run my strongest race.

And most importantly, I ENJOY running and look forward to almost every run (let’s be real, sometimes it’s still hard to get out the door!) 

You don’t have to spend thousands of hours and years learning everything like I did. I’ve distilled the most important information for your success into short lessons that you can take on the go (there’s even an app!)

Start improving your running TODAY.



Running helps me feel like I have control of my day, even as life has thrown a LOT at me.

In my 20s, running kept me going through some of my darkest days. It helped me deal with a job I HATED and gave me strength to leave some BAD relationships. 

In my 30s, my career and my stress grew. Even when working 80 hours a week and traveling cross country, I kept running. It gave me a routine even when I had no “normal” weeks.

And now, as I’m approaching 40, I’m a mom and a business owner with multiple employees.

Running gives me control of my day and makes me a better person.

Because I run, I’m a more patient mom and I have energy to play with Thomas, even after a long day of work.

Because I run, I am able to manage stress and feel more motivated, even when I have so much work I don’t even know where to get started.

I’m also a more loving (and nicer, ha!) wife. Because I take time for myself with a short run, I’m more considerate and able to be truly present for my family.

In short, I’m healthy and feel in control of my day even though it’s packed to the brim.

I know what it takes to stay consistent with a running routine. And I can teach you too.

Running isn’t only about the miles, your pace or even race day. Running is about CHANGING YOUR LIFE. Improving your mental health. Your physical health. Your outlook. Your confidence.  

Show up, learn and implement what you learn. Connect with other runners, who are striving for a better life, just like you, so you have accountability and motivation for the days you just don’t feel like it.

I had some unexpected free time this morning, so I just finished the shoe section in your running course! Soooo helpful! I’ve read so many different articles about finding the best running shoes, but it makes so much more sense after seeing the visuals throughout the video! Excited to add some more shoes to my rotation!
- Erika
As a physical therapist and long time runner, I highly recommend this course. Whether you are just getting started in running or getting back into it after time off, Teris running course covers ALL the bases to get you started and keep you going. From nutrition, gear, guided programs, injury prevention, and stretches this is a very comprehensive program you can continue to reference again and again. It contains more content than any other program out there to address and guide you along the way. Teri has combined her own research with that of professionals to provide you with an excellent resource.
- Laura, PT

Wanna see what's inside?

You’ll get access to a self-paced program with short video lessons so you don't need to take time away from running to actually learn about running!

Module 1: Get the Right Gear

In this section, you’ll learn the best gear to buy without spending a fortune AND avoid injuries. 

  • Shoes - Learn how to choose the best shoes for YOU, your goals and your running gait.

  • Clothes & Accessories - You don’t need to buy the entire Lululemon store, but a few pieces will make running much more comfortable. I’ll help you prioritize what to get.

  • Running Bras - Whether you’re an A cup or an EE cup, you’ll learn what to look for in a bra to keep your ladies happy. 

  • GPS Watches - Apple Watch, Garmin, GPS, Stopwatch? Stop wondering what’s best for you and get the pros and cons of each! 

Module 2: Start Running with a Plan

You'll learn my secrets to running  further and faster, without chronic injuries. 

  • How to start running - Even if you can’t run for 60 seconds, I'll teach you a run-walk method that works AND will get you running for 30+ minutes with consistency! 

  • What to eat before, during and after running - The wrong foods can wreck your gut and your run. Learn the best foods to eat before, during and after your run. Carbs are mandatory. ;)

  • A pre-run warmup routine to make running feel easier - Did you know the right warm-up will make running feel easier? I’ll teach you my simple routine.

  • The most important post-run stretches for runners - Take 5-10 minutes after a run to stretch. Your next run will be better and you'll avoid  injuries. 

Module 3: Training Plans

Have you been injured when following a training plan? Me too. In this section, you’ll learn how to actually use a training plan so you improve and DON'T get injured! 

  • How to choose the right plan - so many people use the WRONG training plan -- either too advanced or too easy -- both of which can lead to injuries and/or burnout. I’ll teach you how to identify one that’s too hard, too easy or juuust right.

  • Increase your endurance and speed - Most people want to run a little bit longer and a little bit faster! I'll teach you how to do both, but why you shouldn't try to both both at ONCE.

Module 4: Keep Running with Confidence

When the going gets tough and you want to quit because you’re too busy, frustrated by lack of progress or you get injured, this module keeps you going! 

  • How to stay motivated when life, weather or excuses get in the way

  • How to Foam Roll: Learn how to do a little at-home massage that reduces muscle soreness and  tightness.

  • The Best Recovery Tools: There are a LOT on the market (Hypervolt, Theragun, Roll Recovery, ice baths, Normatec). I’ll share my favorites to help you feel great on your next run (and also share what’s overhyped!)

  • Common Running Injuries: Even if you follow every single thing I teach you, injuries are bound to happen! That’s part of training and aging. But, you’ll learn how to prevent common running injuries (especially ones that new runners are prone to), how to identify pain you’re experiencing, how to treat the issue, when and if you should run through pain and how to return to running if you need to take time off.

Run, don't walk! Get access now. 





FREE membership to our private community, The Rookie to Real Runners Training Group. 

This is the accountability and support that will actually make a difference in your running. You no longer have to go through the process all by yourself. Join your peers who are also striving to become runners who LOVE it. Most people need this in order to succeed. ​​


Value: $900

The Runner's Mindset - I’ll teach you the importance of mindset to create a running habit that sticks. If you want results, you’ve gotta be consistent. And that’s all in your mindset.


My Motivation Must-Haves - I’ll share my secret weapon for motivation (and what’s helped me become consistent, even though I’m CRAZY busy like you are. Sometimes getting out the door is the hardest part. I’ll show you my hacks for pushing past that slump and finally getting out the door – no matter what.

(I RARELY offer intimate coaching calls. I simply don’t have the time given my other work and family priorities, but for my Rookie Runner members, I MAKE the time.)


Value: $650

Common Running Injuries: how to avoid them and how to treat them. Melissa Metzelfeld, a board certified Athletic Trainer and Physician Assistant, will share how to avoid and treat injuries. And if injuries pop up along the way, you’ll know how to treat them so that you aren’t dealing with them for months to come.


Postpartum Running: Learn how to return to running postpartum and how to deal with common running issues after having kids. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and fellow runner, Laura Caudle, who got me back on the roads after I had Thomas, is a wealth of knowledge. SO many new moms struggle to get back on the workout train (for good reason!) and this live class will help you get back to running pain free.


The Rookie Runner Program is great! I used to be a runner but it’s been years and the course has helped me make a plan to get started again from just walking all the way up to running a half marathon again. It’s complete with learning what gear/shoes I’ll need to warmups/stretching to nutrition. The courses are easy to watch and not too long that I could watch them at my leisure without feeling like it was taking too much of my day. Get Your Run On has gotten me motivated and excited to run again!
– Alissa, Colorado



Thanks so much for creating this course! I’ve been through a few videos so far and already feel like I’m learning a bunch. I’ve been running on and off for a few years now, but every time I’ve built up to about 5k in distance I seem to fall off in terms of time and motivation. I’m hoping that learning more about about running and how to train/recover will help me get over that hump. I hope to run my first 10k in the spring and am excited to keep learning!
– Erica